Grand Cayman

Welcome to the Cayman Islands!

Grand Cayman is the largest of the Cayman Islands, a British Overseas Territory in the Caribbean. George Town, its capitol, is home to the Cayman Islands National Museum, dedicated to Caymanian heritage.

The city is also a major cruise-ship port and site of the ruins of colonial-era Fort George. Beaches and vibrant coral reefs are the island’s hallmarks.


George Town is a small enough place where you will be able to see it all, at leisure. Grand Cayman is a tender port so when your ship anchors, you will take a small tender boat into George Town. This is a very short ride, so do not worry.

Size: 75.68 mi²

Languages: English

Currency: Cayman Islands Dollar

Cruise Port: George Town 

Things to do in Grand Cayman

Most of the attractions are close to Harbor Drive, where the Royal Watler Cruise Terminal is located. There are shops there, and then you can exit the gate to Front Street, which is where you will find Heroes Square. 

Here you will find a bus terminal, town hall, the court house and the shops you find in every Caribbean cruise port like Effy, Tanzanite, and Dufry shops.

The best shops are along Harbor Drive though.  There is lots of shopping places around Grand Cayman. If shopping isn’t your thing though, you have some other choices of things to do in Grand Cayman. Hop on a public bus or grab you a taxi and go. 

  1. Stingray City
  2. Snorkeling
  3. Seven Mile Beach*
  4. Private boat charters
  5. SCUBA diving
  6. Horse back riding on the beach
  7. Tour the island
  8. Craft market
  9. Fort George

    *If you’re going to Seven Mile Beach, I highly recommend getting a day pass at one of the many resorts there. The public beach is very crowded and you won’t really have room to do anything. Plus it’s littered with jet-skiis. I would recommend avoiding the public beach at Seven Mile Beach.
    1. Explore Kittiwake site
    2. Starfish Point
    3. Queen Elizabeth II Botanic Park
    4. Crystal Caves
    5. Hell 
    6. Island Safari
    7. Atlantis submarine tour
    8. Cayman Islands National Museum

    Eating in Grand Cayman

    There are some really good places to eat in Grand Cayman. While I really dislike Seven Mile Beach, the jerk chicken at Calico Jack’s is fantastic. You just have to get past the poor service and PACKED atmosphere. For the atmosphere and service reasons, I wouldn’t recommend going here unless you have a lot of time to kill and don’t mind a bazillion people. 

    Some of the top restaurants in Grand Cayman include: 

    1. KAIBO Beach Restaurant
    2. Big Tree BBQ
    3. Veranda
    4. The Brasserie
    5. Sunshine Grill
    1. Kurt’s Corner
    2. Upstairs Restaurant
    3. Morgans Seafood Restaurant
    4. Tukka
    5. XQ’s Pizza Bar Grill

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