Food on board the ship


Everywhere you turn, there will be food. With the exception of the specialty restaurants, all of the food you see is included. Eat all you want. Eat as much as you want. Try new things. Rather than paying $50 for a dish at an expensive restaurant to “try”, try it on the ship. If you don’t like it, order something else. Order 2 steaks if you want them. Order 6 appetizers. Order 9 desserts. Whatever makes you happy, do it. Nobody is going to judge you, people do it all of the time.


On embarkation day everyone heads to the lido deck to eat at buffets. The lines will be long this day, but it’s not always like this. Don’t worry.


You can eat breakfast EVERY DAY in the Main Dining Room. On sea days, there’s sea day brunch as well.


Aside from the buffet and the MDR, there are always other places to eat. Some ships don’t have certain places. You have to check to see if your ship has a certain restaurant you want.

Dining times

When you book your cruise, you will need to choose a dining time. This will be the time you are allowed to eat in the main dining room. If you miss your assigned dining time, you cannot join another dining time. You will need to eat at a specialty restaurant, or at the buffet. You definitely do not want to miss dinner in the main dining room though. 


Assigned Dining

You may choose between early seating which you must go to the dining room at 5:30pm, or late seating which you must go to the dining room at 7:45pm. If you choose assigned dining, you need to be to the dining room at your assigned time within a 10 minute window. You will be assigned the same table every night and will likely sit with strangers. You will also have the same wait staff each night. The assigned dining room is typically the aft dining room.


Anytime Dining

This concept is the same as a land based restaurant. You can show up any time between 5:30pm and 9:00pm to eat, whenever you get hungry. You can still have the same wait staff each night if you want them, you can still sit with strangers if you wish or you can sit with just your family. You can also have dinner with your friends one night if you wish, as long as they have anytime dining as well. The anytime dining room is typically the fwd dining room.

Anytime Dining Check In

With anytime dining, you simply open The Hub app and click “Request a table”. Once your table is ready, you will get a notification that your table is ready, your table number and you go down to the dining room and to your table. 

Food Venues

Food Menus

Room Service

Main Dining Room

Big Chicken

Blue Iguana Cantina

Bonsai Sushi

Bonsai Teppenyaki

Carnival Deli


Coffee Bar

Cucina del Capitano

Emeril's Bistro 1396

Green Eggs & Ham Breakfast

Guy's Burger Joint

Guy's Pig & Anchor Smokehouse & Brewhouse

JavaBlue Cafe

Jiji Asian Kitchen

Lucky Bowl

Mongolian Wok

Pizza Pirate

Pizzeria del Capitano

Red Frog Pub & Brewery

Red Frog Pub

Rudi's Seagrill

Sea Day Brunch

Seafood Shack

Steakhouse & Fahrenheit 555

Steakhouse Selections

The Captains Pasta Bar (Pasta Belle)

Port Day Breakfast

Late Night Buffet

Kids Menu - Main Dining Room

Sushi at Sea

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